Reservation and admission

Reservation: The appointment must be made by the attending doctor.

  • Do not carry large amounts of cash and valuables. The hospital is not responsible for any loss. The hospital has an electronic folder for patients to store personal belongings, and should not be free to place handbags, cash, jewelry, watches, portable radios and mobile phones at any time.
  • When leaving the ward (such as going to the bathroom, telephone room, operating room, delivery room, diagnosis and interventional radiology department), please lock your personal belongings. For private patients, please carry the key with you. Please close the door when you come in and out.
  • Please bring your ID card/passport and deposit to register for admission, and you must provide the guarantor and emergency contact information for your records. (Persons under the age of 18 are required to bring birth certificate and must be accompanied by a guardian. It is recommended that a parent or guardian accompany the patient in the pediatric room.)
  • All admissions must provide information on a guarantor over the age of 18, including name, phone number and ID/passport number. The guarantor is required to present the original ID/passport to the hospital for


  • No cooking or cooking food is allowed in the ward. If necessary, it can be handled by the tube house.
  • Do not wash dishes in the ward.
  • Do not bring strong foods (such as durians) into the ward.
  • Dietitian services are available on request.

Visiting instructions

In order to keep the room quiet and the patient's comfort, visitors should follow the visit rules. (For intensive treatment visit time, please refer to the Department's visiting rules)

  • For the peace of mind of the patient, please visit the patient between 8 am and 10 pm.
  • Do not exceed four people per visit.
  • All indoor and outdoor areas within the hospital are non-smoking.
  • Any form of gambling is strictly prohibited.
  • Please reduce the sound of conversations, radios or televisions to avoid harassing other patients.
  • Except for the head nurse's charter, private furniture and appliances must not be moved into the ward.
  • When the air conditioner is open, do not move the "adjustment" or open the window.

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